IVAI - Ръчно изработени изделия и авторска бижутерия


Thrinidaddesign is a group, whose founders were born in Chile. It is country with long time and ancient traditions, established as a state in 1824. There are several hypotheses concerning the origin of the name. Some say that the name comes from the word of quechua Chir (Chiri-cold), whereas others share the opinion that it is the old name of a river in the valley of Akonkagua. There is also an assumption that “Chile” comes from the name of the chieftain of the tribe pukuche Tilly, who has ruled this land with the arrival of the Incas, and then the Spaniards. However, another hypothesis claims that the origin comes from the sound of bird trilly. And perhaps this hypothesis best fits the freedom of expressing soul, which transforms into the hand-made jewelry of these authors.

As the flight of this bird is saturated and unpredictable, and at the same time evokes admiration, such feelings arouse from the products of the craftsmen- for uniqueness and incomparableness. Their models result of their creativity, embodiment of the freedom of dreams. The colors saturate the emotions and give a vanguard touch, which every woman wants and needs. The style gives the desired freedom even when touching the jewelry.

Due to the good acceptance of the jewelry, this group of designers make by hand original models based on iron and glass. Settled in Barcelona, Spain, artists find here new inspiration for their jewellery, feeling the influence of the great luminaries such as Gaudi, Dali and others.