IVAI - Ръчно изработени изделия и авторска бижутерия


The talented Zhenia Raikova says: “At the age of 18 I have finished my study at " Professional School of Economics"- Shumen, specialty  “ Banking, Insurance work”. In my professional life I wanted to use my imagination and that is why I decided to become a graphic designer. I began to develop myself and soon I found myself in Varna. There I have worked in two of the most famous advertising agencies. But as time goes by I found that is not enough for me.

         When I was 22 I started working in a flower- shop. Except for bouquets and arrangements, I did cards. Due to circumstances I had to leave. My instinct to make something from nothing was at first place. I saw how many people like my works. I found that I should not stop and that was what inspired me to open my shop in Varna, for hand-made products. I knew that I’m starting hard and long struggle because I was a person who nobody knew. One year later I was something. I started to see respect and smiles in the people that came in my shop. I can not compare this feeling to anyone else. Before my motto was “I would never give up”. Now it is " I NEVER GIVE UP". I will continue to make this beauties to enjoy people because that joy brings me happiness for a lifetime.

A small part of the many artistic and creative products made by Zhenia  are presented in this shop. Enjoy them!