IVAI - Ръчно изработени изделия и авторска бижутерия


Ivo Borisov has began to produce jewelry from 1987. Over the years he has developed his own distinctive style. His jewelry is distinguished for high quality of design and workmanship. To develop his ideas he has a look at the small plastic arts and park sculpture.

Art showers adorn the beaches of Golden Sands / Second price in 2005 joint project with Ivan Georgiev/ and Coco beach /USA/. One-man show: Sofia, Russe, Munich, Paris, Melbourne /USA/, Luxembourg.

Participations in specialized exhibitions: Plovdiv, Varna /First prize- “Unique”- 2000/, Munich, Paris, Florence, Koblenz, Hamburg.

Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the National Chamber of Crafts.