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Ivo Borisov

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       Ivo Borisov has began to produce jewelry from 1987. Over the years he has developed his own distinctive style. His jewelry is distinguished for high quality of design and workmanship. To develop his ideas he has a look at the small plastic arts and park sculpture. Art showers adorn the beaches of Golden Sands / Second price in 2005 joint project with Ivan Georgiev/ and Coco beach /USA/. One-man show: Sofia, Russe, Munich, Paris, Melbourne /USA/, Luxembourg.

       Participations in specialized exhibitions: Plovdiv, Varna /First prize- “Unique”- 2000/, Munich, Paris, Florence, Koblenz, Hamburg.

       Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the National Chamber of Crafts.

Terms of Service

IVAI offers unique art jewelry, paintings, hand-painted articles, as well as many ideas for your home or dear person. Prices, specified on the site are final but they do not include delivery. Deliveries are made by the courier company ECONT.

The cost of delivery in Bulgaria to address of Econt is 3,80 BGN.
The cost of delivery in Bulgaria to address specified by the customer is 6.50 BGN.
For orders over 180 BGN the delivery to address in Bulgaria is free.
The price for delivery abroad is at the expense of the customer and is charged according to the courier company chosen by the same.


Payment is generally CASH ON DELIVERY.
1. Valid e-mail address and mobile phone.
2. Correct address of delivery.
3. Correct contact details.
            Activation of the order of a product is made by pressing the “Order” button. When you make an order, you will receive a confirmation on the e-mail you have already specified. The administrator of the shop will get in touch with you by phone to specify the time of delivery.
1. Ordered articles are delivered to the specified by the customer address of delivery.
2. Delivery date generally is from 3 to 6 working days; for some products it may be needed more time.
3. Ordered articles are delivered properly packed according to its kind and the transport which is used for delivery.
4. If the customer does not provide access and conditions for delivery of the articles on the specified addres, www.ivai.eu is relieved of responsibility to perform the requested delivery.
5. Customers can unpack the articles in the courier’s presence and in case they do not approve it, they can turn it back without paying the cash on delivery.
       You have the right to cancel the order if the deadline for its implementation is not acceptable.
       Online shop www.ivai.eu reserves the right to refuse delivery to addresses where such cannot be organized by courier or delivery costs are considerably higher than usual due to address of delivery or parameters of the article such as size or weight.
The buyer can exercise his/her right under article 55, paragraph 1 of the Law on Consumer Protection within seven days up the receipt of the articles, provided that it would be returned in the form it was received without being used. Exceptions to this rule are explicitly regulated in the LCP. Claims related to the colors of the products are not accepted. The photographs on the page of the online shop reflect to the highest degree the actual ones. The discrepancy sometimes is due to different settings of the monitors which we are not responsible for. Transport costs, if any, for returning articles are at client’s expense.
       We would not to share any of your personal information with third parties. We promise not to fill your inbox with annoying ads. The information we collect in the form is the minimum required to make delivery to your address. The data you provide is stored in reliable and secure manner.
       Online shop www.ivai.eu does not take responsibility for depletion of certain articles, as well as in case of delay in shipment due to lack of availability, awaiting for new import, new batch of production or delay in delivery to us by importers or producers of the respective articles. In case there is no possibility the desired by you product to be provided or there is a delay in packing the product, you will be informed through phone call or letter and alternative articles will be offered.
Users of the shop do not have right to:
  1. To copy, distribute or use texts, pictures, images or parts of the site without the explicit permission of www.ivai.eu
  2. To use automated systems to load (download) of whatever information from www.ivai.eu
  3. To overload the system with fake requests or other information (flood).
  4. Users do not have right to use screenshot of www.ivai.eu without the explicit permission of www.ivai.eu
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