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Art Wine Glass-0554

Art Wine Glass-0554Art Wine Glass-0554
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Author: Yordan Grigorov


Items can be made to order with colors chosen by the customer.



Color ckrackle with repeatedly heating by different temperatures.

Gold, Platinum, Lustres, Colorants and glazes

Decorative porcelain for artistic purposes; soft porcelain; semi- porcelain


Message in color

Green- Vitality

Brown- Peace and security

Yellow- Effulgent

Blue- Perspective

Grey- Thought

Orange- Effulgent

Pink- Hope

Message in shape

Circle- infinity, immortality, longevity, divine beginning.

Triangle- spirituality, spiritual beginning, Father, Son and Spirit.

Square- equilibrium and balance, encoded number 4. The number 4 is the number of happiness and overall message of the cup with saucer is: in demand and achieve complete happiness.

Example: Tea set with green, yellow, brown, cup- circle, saucer- triangular, dessert plate- square.

The symbols of the colors are: vitality, peace and security, effulgency

The symbols of the shapes are: infinitely, spirituality, equilibrium and balance. the square symbolisez the equilibrium and balance. naturally, in the square is encoded number 4. the number 4 is the number of happiness and hence the overall message of the tea set is: IN SEARCH AND ACHIEVE OF COMPLETE HAPPINESS. 

Yin and yang- forces that develop personality when counteracting, Or any little part of the Universe.

Four leaf clover- the flower of happiness comes from the square that is equilibrium and balance, naturally in the square is encoded the number 4- the number of happiness.

Snail- a symbol oh home. Motto- hurry- up slowly. 100% achieved goal.

Frog- a symbol of wealth in China. Yin and yang in version of air and wind. in Bulgarian and European cultures presents as beautiful growing dream to become reality in time. ( From the ugly frog to become handsome prince or beautiful princess.)

Fish- candlestick- a symbol of Christian faith and free life in the seas and oceans. The candle flame brings together souls and hearts.  It is a symbol of a home. Plus the message of colors that complete the image of the shape.

Column- candlestick- a symbol of the Greco- Thracian culture in our land, plus the symbol of the flame of the candle, plus symbol of colors.

Lotus (blooming)- symbol of spiritual development and realization of the idea.

Symbol of god Kali.+ the circle of the cup, + color message.