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Author: Yordan Grigorov


Items can be made to order with colors chosen by the customer.

The glass holds 300 ml.

IHTYUS- Jesus Christ the Son of God Savior symbol of Christian faith; symbol of realization in a solid sphere of influence- what do we give to the World.

Symbol of spirituality. In China- of wealth; in Japan- the Goldfish of three wishes.

Gold- softness, warmth, coziness /femininity/

Crakle- the mosaic we build by ourselves/ the things in life/

Color message- vitality, peace and security, radiance



Color ckrackle with repeatedly heating by different temperatures.

Gold, Platinum, Lustres, Colorants and glazes

Decorative porcelain for artistic purposes; soft porcelain; semi- porcelain


Message in color

Green- Vitality

Brown- Peace and security

Yellow- Effulgent

Blue- Perspective

Grey- Thought

Orange- Effulgent

Pink- Hope

Message in shape

Circle- infinity, immortality, longevity, divine beginning.

Triangle- spirituality, spiritual beginning, Father, Son and Spirit.

Square- equilibrium and balance, encoded number 4. The number 4 is the number of happiness and overall message of the cup with saucer is: in demand and achieve complete happiness.

Example: Tea set with green, yellow, brown, cup- circle, saucer- triangular, dessert plate- square.

The symbols of the colors are: vitality, peace and security, effulgency

The symbols of the shapes are: infinitely, spirituality, equilibrium and balance. the square symbolisez the equilibrium and balance. naturally, in the square is encoded number 4. the number 4 is the number of happiness and hence the overall message of the tea set is: IN SEARCH AND ACHIEVE OF COMPLETE HAPPINESS. 

Yin and yang- forces that develop personality when counteracting, Or any little part of the Universe.

Four leaf clover- the flower of happiness comes from the square that is equilibrium and balance, naturally in the square is encoded the number 4- the number of happiness.

Snail- a symbol oh home. Motto- hurry- up slowly. 100% achieved goal.

Frog- a symbol of wealth in China. Yin and yang in version of air and wind. in Bulgarian and European cultures presents as beautiful growing dream to become reality in time. ( From the ugly frog to become handsome prince or beautiful princess.)

Fish- candlestick- a symbol of Christian faith and free life in the seas and oceans. The candle flame brings together souls and hearts.  It is a symbol of a home. Plus the message of colors that complete the image of the shape.

Column- candlestick- a symbol of the Greco- Thracian culture in our land, plus the symbol of the flame of the candle, plus symbol of colors.

Lotus (blooming)- symbol of spiritual development and realization of the idea.

Symbol of god Kali.+ the circle of the cup, + color message.


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