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Necklace inspired by Murano-5

Necklace inspired by Murano-5Necklace inspired by Murano-5
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Necklace inspired by Venetian glass “Murano”, hand-made, vanguard design.


Length of necklace: 24 cm.; pendant: 6 cm; band: 50cm. (plus 6 cm. supplementary regulation).

Murano is a small island, located only 1.5 km. from Venice and ever since VII century it is a trade centre and somewhere in the IX century there has begun the production of fine products made of Venetian glass. The crystal, enameled, multi-colored and milk-white glass, as well as glass imitation of gemstones are created on the island.

The process of making jewelry “MURANO” is quite complicated. The basic technique that is used by the masters is glass-blowing. The glass is made by quartz which at high temperature becomes liquid. While it transforms from liquid to hard state, the glass has an intermediate phase when it is sufficiently soft to shape. The more sodium oxide it has, the more slowly it hardens.  This is very important for the hand-made jewelry “MURANO”, achieving all sorts of forms, subject only to the imagination. Different materials are added to the glass, which impart a specific characteristic, such as to be mat, more sodium is added to remove even the smallest bumps- nitrate or other reagents and of course can be added to impart thousands of colors.

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