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Ring Satellite-11_016

Ring Satellite-11_016Ring Satellite-11_016
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Sales price: 52,00 €

Ring made in  Spain  of patina steel and glass.

Author: Thrinidadesign


Size of the ring: approx. 4.5x6cm.

Ring made in  Spain  of patina steel and glass; nickel-free and therefore does not cause allergies; jewelry do not leave marks on the skin and are not affected by water; the glue is resistant to temperature changes without affecting the integrity of the jewelry.

The rings are easily adjusted only with a small pliers- see video

The imagination and creativity reaches its culmination in the unique hand- made jewelry( no template) of  TRINIDADESIGN. Each one is different from the others while always subject to the originality of the design.

Features of the jewelry:

Used metal:

In the production of the jewelry are applied old techniques of forging, used for making miniatures. The metal used distinguished for the following features:

  • NICKEL- FREE: it is provided that does not cause allergies, even when a woman is used to wear silver or gold jewelry.
  • STAIN- PROOF: leaves no marks on the skin.
  • ADABTABILITY: because this metal is forged (treated with fire), it is always malleable and stretchy, so it adapts to different sizes (and shapes of your arms, legs and neck.)
  • DOES NOT AFFECT BY WATER: if jewels are wet, they need only to be dried. Should not stay long in water.
  • DO NOT REQUIRE SPECIAL CARE: it is not necessary to clean the metal periodically. it is enough to use a little cream to maintain the color.



A characteristic feature of the glass is that it has:

ORIGINAL COLORS: As glass is produced, unlimited tones and colors can be offered.
HIGH QUALITY: Our jewelry is hard and shock-resistant  which is a hallmark of high style accessories.
RECYCLING: The glass is one of the few materials that are 100 percent recyclable. Our products are no exception.


The glue that is used is one of the best in the jewelry production and combines strength and flexibility. It is resistant to extensions and contractions that occur in glass and metal at temperature changes.

We take warranty by replacing purchased jewelry in case of:
o Detached glass: Even with hand-made products of high quality, there is little likelihood of error in pasting. In this case the repair is at our expense.

o Jewelry with broken or cracked glass: The glass that  we produce is extremely hard and resistant to shocks. That is why we take full guaranty to replace any piece of jewelry which glass is broken or cracked.