IVAI - Ръчно изработени изделия и авторска бижутерия


Young and creative author Michaela Mishtenko is the one who makes one of the most beautiful and exquisite candles. Sometimes simple, sometimes woven with fascinating details, she always manages to surprise us. Her candles are suitable for gift as well as for home, in addition to the holiday or simply predispose to peace and quiet after a weary workday.

         The talented designer is dealing with making candles from natural materials for nine years. Among the most frequently used materials dominate wood, cinnamon, coffee, coconut, pine cones, barks of various trees, dried flowers, seeds and many others that only her artistic imagination allows to become reality and delight for the eye.

         A magic that transforms a flash in time, a minute in eternity- the candles of Michaela Mishtenko allow that to happen.