IVAI - Ръчно изработени изделия и авторска бижутерия


Nadia Borispasova is another young Bulgarian author who besides painting also deals with the production of panels. Her works fascinates and her style hold everyone breath. Went into painting ten years ago, Nadia takes part in school exhibitions as well as in various Christmas bazaars in Dimitrovgrad.

Alas, still only her hobby, in her painting she uses acrylic paints and paints for drawing on glass, beads and other materials, whereas some of the paintings she draws on hardboard. Bizarre shapes and extravaganc waves from her works.

The beautiful panels done by the young author are a combination of wood, dried flowers, cones and other natural materials for decoration.

Here is exposed a small part of the art of Nadia- unique, author’s and vanguard.